April 06, 2013

VnC Cocktails Review

VnC Cocktails are a line of mixed drinks that come in all different kinds. They were created in New Zealand. They were created because it can take a lot of time to make a cocktail and these pre-mixed drinks helped to save time.

The varieties of cocktails include pacific breeze, passionfruit caprioska, mango daquiri, banana daquiri, vodka mojito, pomegranate cosmo, etc.  As you can tell, there are many tasty sounding options. I was sent the margarita, vodka strawberry daquiri and the vodka mojito.

Those who know me know that the only mixed drinks that I liked are a margarita and a mojito so the company did awesome in choosing these flavors.

The margarita was very tasty. I like mine blended with ice so if I had time, I would throw this mix into the blender. It did not taste too sweet or have a fake taste like many mixes do. This drink is 14% alcohol and is made with tequila, lime and orange triple sec liqueur.

I had never had a mojito made with vodka before because it is usually made with rum but I did enjoy it. I loved the subtle lime and mint flavors. This drink is 14% alcohol which is just slightly stronger than wine.

I really enjoyed trying these drinks and would definitely recommend them. They will be great for summer festivals and other on-the-go activities. 

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