May 17, 2013

Bohemia Beer and Stack Wines Review

1. Stack Wines- This is one of the most interesting and unique products designs that I have seen. Stack Wines come with 4 individually portioned servings of wine which are perfect for on the go. I cannot think of a better product as summer is starting. In the summer, I got to a lot of outdoor events such as concerts, picnics, bonfires, etc. This wine is perfect for these events.

The wine comes in a small stemless wine glass and all you have to do is unzip the plastic wrapper, take your glass of wine, take off the metal cap and drink! Each glass of wine is 187 ml which is a good serving size. I was sent the pinot grigio to try which I loved. It is fresh and not too dry and not too sweet.

I honestly would highly recommend these to anyone, especially for summer activities. It makes taking drinks somewhere so easy. You do not have to bring your own wine glasses, a cork and the wine bottle. Stack Wines is equivalent to all of these products in one.

2. Bohemia Beer- I was first contacted about this beer being used in recipes with fruit juice for a Sunday brunch. The company has a couple of interesting ideas using beer with other ingredients for a fun cocktail.

• The Bohemia Mimosa replaces champagne, as used in the traditional recipe, with Bohemia beer.

• Bohemia Bloody Maria is a new twist on the old-fashioned tomato juice cocktail that combines Bohemia beer and tequila.

My husband enjoyed trying this beer. He said that it has a very smooth taste and is richer than beers that he usually drinks. He enjoyed it a lot and would buy it again in the future.
Have you tried any new-to-you drinks lately?

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