May 06, 2013

Kringle Candle Review

I am so excited to bring this review to you today. I was sent a bunch of Kringle Candles to try out and let me tell you, this is one of the best smelling candles that I have tried. I was sent a mixture of the large candles, small daylight candles and wax potpourri melts to try.

My brother's girlfriend got my husband and I a wax melter for Christmas this past year so we will get great use out of the wax potpourri melts.

My absolute favorite sent that I was sent comes from the men's line called No. 1. It is a "bold fragrance blending vigorous citrus, botanical and wood/moss notes". It smells exactly like the Abercrombie and Fitch cologne Fierce which is my favorite cologne. My husband was wearing it when I met him and I have always loved this scent. It brings back great memories! I was sent the small potpourri melt but I will be purchasing the large candle in the future. It is amazing how scent can bring back so many memories.

The fresh baked bread scent is also great! It really does smell like fresh bread and makes your home smell excellent. The mango scent is very fruity and fresh for summer. I plan to take this outside when my husband and I sit and talk outside in the evening. It will provide a small amount of light and great fruity scent.

Finally, the Atkins cider donut is amazing. I will save it to use in the fall. It smells like a mix of apple cider and donuts- one of the best scents!

Something really neat about this company is that their large candles have reusable jars. You can use them to store pens and other small items. As you can tell from my review, I am a huge fan of this brand and would highly recommend it.

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