May 28, 2013

Who Needs a Vacation?

This post brought to you by Las Vegas Vacations. All opinions are 100% mine.

Like I posted recently, life has been very busy. I enjoy it this way but at the same time, it is good to take a break sometimes. This summer, my husband and I have a mini-trip planned for the end of June. I graduate with my Master's on June 29th (woo hoo!!), and we are going on vacation right after that. We are spending a couple of days in West Michigan on the beautiful Lake Michigan. Also, we are planning a trip to Cedar Point which will be fun. While I love a local trip, it would be fun to really get away as well.

Southwest Vacations is offering some good deals this summer as well for traveling. If you are interested in getting away for a fun trip away from the kids, this is for you. You can save $100 when you book your hotel and flight to Las Vegas. Use the code Vegas now through May 27th to get a deal.
You can save $50 on a vacation package from $500-1000. You save $75 on a vacation from $1000-$2000. You save $100 on a vacation $2000+. I have never been Las Vegas but my brother has and he really enjoyed it.

What I would really want to go to Vegas for is to check out all of the different kinds of food. I have heard amazing things about their fancy casino buffets and would definitely want to check those out. My sister's boyfriend recently went to Vegas as well and had fun. I am a bargain shopper though so I would definitely look out for some of the better deals.

Also, I would want to see all of the interesting people in Las Vegas. From what I have heard, it seems like there are a lot of different types of people which would be fun to watch. If you are interested in booking a trip, check out Las Vegas Vacations .
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