June 21, 2013

Beauty Stop Online Review

Beauty Stop Online is a website that sells all kinds of beauty products. I had a fun time looking through all the brands and products that they had. For my review, I chose to review the Tweezerman Eyelash Curler and the Fake Bake Self Tanner.

I am naturally very pale and like having a bit of color. Of course tanning is not good for you so this is the next best option. This Fake Bake Self Tanner comes out chocolate brown (don't let it intimidate you) but rubs in very light. Within a short period of time, you start to get a nice glow. It is not orange and does not streak. This tanner is on sale on Beauty Stop Online for $18.99 for a 2 ounce tube. This product is also good for anti-aging.

Tweezerman brand has been around for a long time and makes quality, long lasting products. I like this eyelash curler that I was sent which curls my lashes nicely. According to Beauty Stop Online, this is the best selling eyelash curler of all time. You can purchase these for $12.99 on the site.

Check out Beauty Stop Online to see if they have your favorite beauty products or if you can find some new ones that you like.

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