June 14, 2013

Betty Carre Jewelry Review and Giveaway

Betty Carre is a company that sells all kinds of beautiful jewelry. For my review, I was able to pick out a couple of items. I chose the 18k gold plated rose earrings and the triangle turquoise stone necklace. This jewelry seems to be pretty good quality and is very pretty. They sells all kinds of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more.

The gold plated rose earrings retail for $30. They look good with all kinds of outfits including work clothes and going-out outfits.

The turquoise necklace is also pretty. This particular necklace comes in 9 different colors and stones. This necklace is gold plated and retails for $65.

Betty Carre focuses on providing a quality product while keeping their jewelry at low prices. They have many neat costume jewelry options that fit all different styles.
The giveaway will be for the gold plated rose earrings that I reviewed above to one lucky winner.
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  1. Those earrings would match the necklace I just got!!

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  3. Although I have never heard of this brand, but the necklaces and earrings displayed above are really very pretty and stylish. I have the same chain necklace, but in Kilkenny newbridge silverware. The amazing thing about this necklace is that it goes with each outfit.


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