June 04, 2013

Caribou Coffee Sparkling Tea Review

Have you heard of Caribou Coffee? It is a coffee shop that is located in different areas of the country. I have one about a mile from my house. I honestly like it the best out of any of the other main competitor coffee shops. My favorite drink is the Northern Lite Caramel Cooler. It is less calories and fat than the traditional drink because it contains sugar free syrup, skim milk and no whipped cream or caramel. It is very tasty and I enjoy this frozen drink more than other brands. A medium drink only has 150 calories- not bad!

Northern Lite Caramel Cooler

For my review, I was asked to try the new sparkling tea or juices. The available flavors include Green Tea Lemonade, Peach Black Sparkling Tea, Lemon Ginger Pomegranate Sparkling Juice and Apple Raspberry Sparkling Juice. My husband and I both chose the sparkling green tea lemonade to try.

A size medium drink has 105 calories. It is available in lite or regular- the regular contains sugar. This drink is a mix of green tea lemonade, water, ice and sugar- free simple syrup. You can get it still or sparkling.

Green Tea Lemonade Sparkling Tea

I enjoyed all of the bubbles in this drink. It was plenty sweet and was very refreshing on a hot day. My husband and I walked to Caribou Coffee and got these. It was perfect to drink under the hot sun. I enjoyed the flavor. I tasted a bit of citrus flavor but maybe that was just me. This was a fun drink to try and I would definitely get it again this summer.
Peach Black Tea Sparkling
The peach black sparkling tea looks tasty as well.
If you have not tried Caribou Coffee yet, I would highly recommend it. It is delicious and seems to be a bit lower in calories than other fancy coffee companies.

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  1. Love Caribou.
    There have been a lot of Caribous that closed on April 14 (I think was the date).
    The Chicago area had about 60 some of their stores close. The one that was just really about a mile from our house closed. There are a few that are in the "area" one is about 7 miles and then some are 14 miles away.
    My husband and I prefer caribou over the other coffee stores. I like the Northern Lite Vanilla cooler (as that is as close as I get to coffee) and I love the Pomegranate Ginger Lemon sparkling juice.
    The Caribous that are still open will at some point be turning into Peat's Coffee and Tea.

    1. Yes, I heard that mine was closing a couple of months ago but it is still open. I have not tried either of those drinks yet but they both sound good. I hope mine does not close!


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