June 15, 2013

Diet-to-Go Review

As a dietitian, I see so many different types of diets, many full of junky foods or ones that are too low in calories. I heard about Diet-to-Go and wanted to give it a try and give all of you my honest opinion of the service. Diet-to-Go is a company that sends you all of your meals for a certain number of days.
Macaroni and cheese, broccoli and carrots

For my review, I was sent a 5 day package of the foods. I did not do this "diet" exclusively but my husband and I sampled the meals over a 3 week period along with our normal meals. You can choose between a traditional low-fat menu, vegetarian or low-carb menu. Since I am not trying to lose weight or am not a vegetarian, I chose the regular menu.
Breakfast pizza- my husband loved this!

Ten complete meals on this program costs $95.99 for the 1200 calorie plan. Fifteen breakfasts, lunches and dinners cost $112.99 for the 1200 calorie plan. This is pretty affordable compared to other companies. You can choose between the 1200 calorie plan and the 1600 calorie plan.

The food comes frozen and as soon as I got it, I placed it back in my freezer to stay fresh. Overall, I thought that this was an interesting plan but as with everything, it has some positives and negatives.
Thai turkey tenderloin with stir fry rice and green bean medley

-A lot of the meals were very tasty. My favorite was the baked spaghetti and my husband loved the Thai turkey tenderloin which he said was very filling.

-Each meal contained vegetables which are good sources of nutrients.

-The meal plan gives you all of the foods that you need to consume for the day making it very easy. You do not have to buy anything else- even condiments.

-The meals are balanced with a protein, carbohydrate and produce.

-This could be a positive or a negative depending on your preferences. The meals are slightly higher calorie than what I normally eat since it includes 3 square meals. I am a pretty big snacker and it is unusual for me to eat a larger meal without snacks.

-My husband thought that this food was tastier and fresher than most frozen meals.

My favorite meal: the baked spaghetti- this meal has big chunks of roasted tomatoes which are very tasty.

-Most of the breakfasts came with a juice. I would prefer if the company did not send anything and just told you to eat a piece of whole, fresh fruit instead. This would provide fiber and more vitamins and minerals. If I followed this plan strictly, I would really miss having fresh produce. I think that it would be fine if they told you just to make a salad on the side for some dinners to add fresh produce.

-As many frozen foods are, these meals are pretty high in sodium (example: 920 mg sodium in the Thai turkey tenderloin meal.

-The ingredient list contains a long list of ingredients on some of the meals.

Overall, I was pretty impressed by this food. It was tasty and convenient. I would not eat it everyday personally but liked having an easy meal to defrost here and there.

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