June 19, 2013

Pura Vida Bracelets Review and Giveaway

I love fun, simple jewelry. I recently found Pura Vida which is a company that sells all kinds of bracelets. For my review, I chose 4 bracelets that I really liked to review.

ΣX: Sigma Chi
My husband was in a fraternity when we met and we a big part of our relationship when we were first dating. Even though I was never in the frat, it was a special part of my life too. The blue and yellow Pura Vida bracelet is a sigma chi bracelet and I love it. This bracelet retails for only $5.

I was also sent a bracelet with a cross on it and two with feathers on them. I have always loved feather jewelry. These are very pretty. I chose the cream and candy apple red. The feather is gold plated and the bracelet retails for $20.

Here is some information about the bracelets:
The phrase “Pura Vida” (pu·ra vi·da) means pure life in Spanish. Enjoying life slowly, celebrating good fortune and not taking anything for granted embodies the Pura Vida Lifestyle. It's about being free and living life to it's fullest with no regrets or taking anything for granted; it's an attitude. Pura Vida directly translates into "Pure Life", simple as that.

Each bracelet has a unique and different color combination so coming across someone with your exact bracelet will be a tough find. The hard work that goes into making each bracelet represents the dedication and respect for the beautiful land that we all live in. Selecting your “Pura Vida” bracelet isn’t always a quick task. Local jewelers spend days, even weeks creating specific bracelets to express their lifestyle. From vibrant colors to earth tones, Pura Vida Bracelets has any combination for you.

These bracelets are simple and beautiful. They match with so many different outfits and have colors for everybody.

The giveaway will be for 3 Pura Vida bracelets of the winner's choice.
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