July 27, 2013

Blurb Cookbook Review

On The Nutritionist Reviews, I love creating healthy recipes to share with all of you. Many times, I forget about these recipes and never make them again. I was offered to create a cookbook from Blurb and write about my experience.

To create this cookbook, I went through all of my recipes on The Nutritionist Reviews and included my favorites in the book. Since I always want to be honest with my readers, I did not have an easy time creating this cookbook.  It took 4 hours of solid work to create this cookbook. When I was almost finished, the formatting somehow became messed up and moved half of each recipe to the next page. I had to go an re-do everything. It was stressful and irritating.

I contemplated whether or not I should write about my experience with Blurb but when I got the cookbook in the mail, I was very happy with it. It made the bad experience that I had pretty worth it having a cookbook with my own recipes in my hands.

I was able to choose my own layouts of each page whether I wanted 1, 2, 3 or more pictures and how much space that I needed for my recipes. I do wish that there was more freedom to design the cookbook more of how I wanted it instead of having to cram my pictures in a small area.

Prices for these cookbooks start at $12.99 for a very small book but for my normal sized one, it cost about $48 with shipping. The pictures came out vibrant and look great. Even though this book is not published, it is pretty cool to see my recipes in a book.
Although I did not have a great experience using Blurb, I would still possibly recommend it. I would tell people to give themselves a lot of time to use it and try not to get too frustrated. The cookbook is beautiful and I am happy to have it as a memory.

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  1. Looks great Amanda. It would take me a lot of time to and I hate getting stressed about things like that. Great keepsake though.

    1. Thank you! It is pretty neat to have a cookbook that I created : )


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