July 31, 2013

Running Chics Review

I have done a couple of Running Chics reviews in the past and love those items to this day. I wore the shorts that I received 3 years ago this morning on my run and they are still in perfect condition. For this review I was sent the Running Chics triblend long sleeved pullover with thumb holes in charcoal.

As I have written about recently, I have gotten back into running in the last few months. As much as I want to believe that the fall and winter are a long way away, I know that is not true. This pullover will be perfect for running in the cooler fall and winter temperatures.

My typical size fits well and is a nice lightweight material. This sweatshirt retails for $45. It is available in black, 2 shades of grey and navy. You have the option of getting any of the logos on it that you like such as triathalon chic, swimming chic, teaching chic, nurse chic, etc.

In the colder months, I really do like thumbholes for running. I have not run in the winter in some time and I can't wait to wear this hoodie when the weather gets cooler.

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