July 13, 2013

Switch Vision Review

I have briefly mentioned here on the blog that I recently got back into running. I used to be a runner in high school and then quit for 6 years. This past spring, I started running again. I run 2-4 times per week and am enjoying it. I have done 2 races and have 2 more planned for this summer. In fact, I have a 5k tomorrow morning (eek!!).

I recently found a company that carries sunglasses that are great for running! They are called Switch Vision and carry sports sunglasses. I chose the black Lynx sunglasses for my husband and the Boreal lagoon sunglasses for myself.
Both of these pairs of sunglasses are good quality. They are not flimsy like some other sunglasses. The Switch Vision Boreal sunglasses are magnetically interchangeable sunglasses. They come with extra lenses in case you want to switch them. They are offered in polarized and non polarized options. Each kit includes: frames, a pair of lenses, a pair of low-light amber rose lenses, a lens pod and a microfiber cleaning pouch. I like these because they are stylish and good for running.

My husband loves the Switch Vision Lynx sunglasses and has been wearing them for running, biking and even just driving. It has a full wrap design, wide temple and large lens for maximum protection. They can adapt to all different light conditions in hi-def.

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  1. Maybe you can score another pair from them, and host a giveaway :)


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