August 09, 2013

Electric MVMT Review

Boy do I have an interesting review for you today! I was sent an Inked Pink hoodie from Electric MVMT. This hoodie lights up and is very fun to wear.

This is the "original light up hoodie". I was sent a black hoodie that is lined with soft magenta lighting. When turned on, the light looks red or orange. The hoodie retails for $90.

It is quite a neat idea. You can wear this outside and be the star of the show! The lights go up the zipper and around the hood. I wore this hoodie to a bonfire at my house and my whole family thought that it was hilarious.

The actual sweatshirt seems to be good quality. There are different settings that the light can be on including regular, flashing and blinking very fast. This Electric MVMT light up hoodie lights up very nicely outside and looks great for outdoor events.

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