August 25, 2013

Lucy's Granola Review

rLucy's Granola
I am quite particular with my granola. It has to have a certain tasty flavor, have real ingredients and not have too many calories. I only have had one true brand of granola that I liked before trying this one. I was sent some Lucy's Granola to try and review here on my blog.

Lucy's Granola is a mix of whole grains and unprocessed ingredients. It contains oats, wheat, spelt, almonds, coconut, cranberries and raisins. They have kinds such as original, practically gluten-free, naughty chocolate cherry and really nutty pecan.

I love every flavor of this granola! It is tasty and simple. It does not contain a whole bunch of unusual ingredients but keeps it simple with whole foods. The small size bags have 160 calories and I split that up over 2 days to eat over my morning Greek yogurt.
Lucy's Granola

Lucy's Granola is also very tasty eaten the typical way with milk. My favorite flavor would have to be the naughty chocolate cherry with dried cherries and chocolate.

I enjoyed trying Lucy's Granola and would definitely recommend it!

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  1. always looking for new granola to try.. definitely checking this company out


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