August 25, 2013

Teespring Review

Teespring is a company that lets you create and sell custom t-shirts. It is used for groups, causes and communities. The apparel is custom and you can create whatever you like on it.
Anyone can design a shirt from Teespring and sell on Facebook, Twitter or through anywhere else online. The seller is able to keep all of the profit that the shirt earns. 
Sample shirt that a family created who wanted to adopt.
People are not just using this to make money for themselves but also as a fundraising tool. For example, a couple who wanted to adopt was selling shirts to help make money to go toward their adoption. Also, you could raise money for breast cancer by creating a shirt on this site as well.
The shirts are not printed or shipped until the end date that is set by the seller comes. They do not have to pay anything upfront which makes it no risk since you will not be printing too many extra shirts. If you are trying to raise money for something, consider working with Teespring.
Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Teespring. All opinions are my own.

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