August 26, 2013

Bogart's Barkery Review and Giveaway

Organic Peanut Butter Dog Treats
I have quite a story to go along with today's review. My mom took her dachshund to the vet about a month ago because she had all of these bumps over her stomach which seemed to have happened up north at my parent's farm. The vet said it was probably a staph infection and gave her an antibiotic. The vet stupidly said to my mom that if it does not get better, it could be cancer. Of course this was a long shot and he should not have even mentioned it because it only made my mom upset.

She went to her car and was crying because she was so worried about the dog. A lady came up to her car, knocked on the window and asked if she was okay. They got to talking and the woman told my mom that she has a pet treat company. My mom told her about my blog and she recently contacted me to have my dogs try her dog treats.

Organic Dog Treats
To me, this is a great company from the start because I know that the owner is so kind to have gone and check up on my mom! Bogart's Barkery is small, local Michigan company that sells dog treats. The owner dropped some off at my house (since she lives nearby) of her Peanut Mutter Treats.

You can order these organic treats online. They are made with super healthy ingredients so that you are not worried that you are giving you pet junk. Ingredients include: organic whole wheat flour, organic rolled oats, organic peanut butter and organic eggs.

Oh yeah, and my dogs loved them! They went crazy for these small dog bones!

The giveaway will be for a few boxes of Bogart's Barkery Peanut Mutter dog treats.
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  1. I have a 5yr old adorable, loving Goldendoodle!

  2. OK these doggie treats look good enough to eat (by humans!) Ha, peanut mutter too!

  3. We have two dogs we got from different rescues. We think one is a maltese poodle mix, she is 3, and the other we believe to be a pekingese shih-tzu mix, he is around 8.

  4. i have golden retrievers, three of them

  5. I have a lab and a mini-pit!

  6. I have two dachshunds. My babies.

  7. We have a fluffy goldendoodle =)


  8. Hello everyone! This is Bogart's Barkery and we just wanted to say how excited we are at the amount of people who have entered in the give away! Check us out at to see our new organic gluten free Pup-kin Pie dog treats!

    Good luck to everyone!

  9. a lab and shepherd mix


  10. I have a English springer spaniel


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