August 27, 2013

The Republic of Tea Cuppa Cake Review

The Republic of Tea Cuppa Cake
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For now, this may be the last of my partnership with The Republic of Tea but I'm sure that I will be working with them again in the future.

I was recently sent some awesome teas from their new Cuppa Cake teas line. They have three flavors: Lemon Chiffon, Blueberry Bundt and Caramel Vanilla. All three are awesome! Two of them (Lemon Chiffon and Blueberry Bundt) are caffeine free making them a good choice for evening sipping. In fact, as I write this post, I am drinking the Lemon Chiffon.
Lemon Chiffon Cuppa Cakeā„¢ Tea Bags
Here is a description of each tea and my opinion of them:
-Lemon Chiffon- This tea pleasantly surprised me! It did not have an artificial lemon flavor but had a flavorful dessert smell. It is lightly flavored and perfect for when you do not want any caffeine. It is green rooibos with lemon, vanilla and coconut. One of my favorites from The Republic of Tea.

-Caramel Vanilla- This tea is a fine black tea with caramel and vanilla in it. It smells like one of those amazing dessert candles (in a good way). This tea is super tasty and I love that these teas give you the dessert flavor without all of the calories, fat and sugar.

-Blueberry Bundt- This tea was my least favorite of the three but was still pretty good. It has a strong blueberry flavor and is a caffeine free red rooibos tea.

The Republic of Tea Lemon Chiffon was especially awesome! If you are looking for some dessert teas, try these.

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  1. Caramel vanilla sounds great! I used to drink that flavor in another brand and it's been so long, can't remember the brand but it was heavenly.


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