August 14, 2013

Luigi's Real Italian Ice Review

Luigi's Italian Ice Review

In the summer, I love to have a bunch of frozen treats on hand to eat on a hot day. I was recently sent some Luigi's Real Italian Ice to review. They have some new flavors and some classics including sour apple, mango, lemon, strawberry, blue raspberry, cherry and watermelon.

My husband and I like frozen treats, but my siblings LOVE them. They can easily eat 5 popsicles in a day. Since I was on vacation the week that I received these, I was hanging out with my siblings a lot and brought a bunch of these Italian ices with me to share with them.

My husband loves the strawberry flavor. My sister liked the mango. I had to try the cotton candy because it was unique. We had my siblings over on a Sunday to play Mario Party and watch a movie and they had a couple of these each.

Although these are not particularly nutritious, they are not a bad treat option either. These Luigi's Real Italian Ices are mostly 100 calories (some are 120-180 though- check the labels). They are mostly sugar but compared to some high calorie desserts, they are a decent choice. 

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