August 21, 2013

Straw Propeller Oatmeal Review

Straw Propeller Oats
I think that oatmeal is one of the most delicious foods! I eat oatmeal or Greek yogurt everyday for breakfast. I was recently sent some samples of oats to try from Straw Propeller. Straw Propeller makes a bunch of flavors of oats which are perfect for on the go.

I was sent some great flavors including banana bread, strawberry jungle, cherry and chia, peaches and berry bramble, blueberry blitz and apple crisp. One morning for breakfast, my husband and I eat chose a flavor of oats to try.
Peaches & Berry Bramble
I chose the peaches and berry bramble and he chose the apple crisp. We both liked out selections a lot. I do wish that it was a little less sweet because I do not like to eat a lot of sugar in the morning. My oats were filled with freeze dried peaches and raspberries which were very tasty.

One cup of these oats are very, very filling. Another day eating these oats, I could not even finish the entire container. The other flavor that I tried was the cherry and chia. Chia seeds are a good source of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. Since I do not consume enough fish, these are a good option to get my omega-3s in. I liked this flavor but not as much as the peaches and berry bramble.
Cherry & Chia
My husband had the blueberry which he loved. To get a bit more protein in my breakfast, I added half of a scoop of protein powder which cooked in well.

One thing that I did not like is the varying calorie counts on these oatmeals. Some were quite low like the peach and berry bramble for 240 calories, 8 grams of fiber and 8 grams of protein. The apple pie is 330 calories which is a bit too many for my liking. I preferred to stick to the lower calorie ones. The ingredient list is simple without funky additives.

Overall, I think that these Straw Propeller oatmeals are very delicious. I would love to also try their unique flavors such as pumpkin pie and PB and J.

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