September 08, 2013

Energems Review

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Energems are a chocolate candy that contains caffeine as an alternative to other caffeine products. Sometimes, I do not feel like having coffee or tea but I don't really drink pop or energy drinks either. These Energems are something to consider when I do not want other forms of caffeine but need an energy boost.

These come in three different flavors: mint fusion, peanut butter blast and chocolate charge. Each one contains 15 calories. They are made with real milk chocolate. I tasted the mint fusion Energem and liked the flavor. It tasted similar to other chocolate mint candies but with an energy boost. 

The peanut butter blast Energems were also tasty. I liked the option of having a sweet treat with my caffeine. These did give me a boost of energy during my afternoon slump which was great.

These are fortified with B vitamins and contain 75 mg of caffeine for 3 Energems. One Energem is 25 mg which is about half of what is in tea or 12 ounces of pop. It is about 1/4 of what is in coffee. Each box of 9 Energems retails for $2.99.

I would not choose to consume these on a regular basis but if you do not have access to other caffeine containing beverages and need a boost, this may be an option. Also, you should not consume too many of these because too much caffeine can be harmful to your health. 

If you want to try Energems yourself, you can purchase them for 30% off using this code: GETLUCKY. 
Energems are energy supplements that are bite-sized, hard-coated gems made with real milk chocolate. Designed for the modern, on-the-go consumer, they contain caffeine, B vitamins and a proprietary energy blend. Think of them as a great alternative to traditional energy drinks and energy shots!

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  1. Thanks I just signed up for a sample. Sounds better than coffee (less hot anyway).

  2. It looks like they have now increased their caffeine content. Their website states for 3 emergems there is 133mg of caffeine


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