September 28, 2013

GoodBelly Probiotics Review

Goodbelly is a brand of a dairy-free probiotic fruit drink. I was sent some vouchers to purchase their products and try them out. I enjoyed reviewing Goodbelly probiotics so keep reading to see what I thought as a registered dietitian.

What are probiotics?

What are probiotics? In short, probiotics are “good bacteria”. When you are on antibiotics, all bacteria- good and bad- is killed. Probiotics are often recommended for when someone is on antibiotics to restore the good bacteria in the body.

Probiotics help with digestion and supports the immune system. When the bacteria in your body is out of balance, you may start to feel run down.

Personally, I think that probiotics are very important. They are naturally found in foods such as yogurt and sauerkraut. When I take an antibiotic, I always take probiotics along with it.

GoodBelly is a probiotic drink that has live and active probiotic cultures. These drinks are dairy-free, soy-free and vegan. They are beneficial to those with food sensitivities or even if you do not have any issues, this can be considered a good juice to drink.

GoodBelly beverages come in many flavors including mango, cranberry watermelon, tropical orange, coconut water, vanilla chamomile, pomegranate blueberry and more.

Good Belly Probiotics Review

My husband and I enjoyed trying these. He thought that the mango flavor was the best and could not taste any of the probiotics in it. It just tastes like regular juice that has a healthy kick in it. This juice has 110 calories per 8 ounce serving. A negative is that it only contains 25% juice. I would prefer for it to have more real fruit juice in it.

Is Good Belly good for you?

I thought that this GoodBelly product was tasty and like the boost of probiotics that it has to offer. This is a good option for someone like my husband who could use the probiotics but does not like yogurt and does not ear sauerkraut often enough.

Where to Buy GoodBelly

GoodBelly products can be purchased at most grocery stores (I have seen it at Kroger and Whole Foods). It comes in small individual packages or 32 ounce family sized containers.

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  1. I have tried Good Belly drinks before; not only are they tasty, but they really do help things get in balance and help you feel a ton better pretty quickly.

  2. Thanks for the great review. I didn't even know this existed! Do you know what bacteria strand(s) are in it? Thanks.

  3. Just bought a container of blueberry Acai . This was way too sweet for me, 24g of sugar . But like you said it might get probiotics into my husband.


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