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Pork Chomps Review and Giveaway

Pork Chomps
A few weeks ago, Jaxen and Ava were sent some Pork Chomps to review. My dogs are not the best at reviewing products because for some reason, they seem to love everything (haha). Not too much gets them more excited than rawhides so when I was offered some Pork Chomps for them to try, I could not turn them down.

Pork Chomps are chews for dogs that are 100% rawhide free and made from baked pork shin. They are 99% digestible compared to regular rawhides which are only 50-85% digestible. A study was done on dogs that ate Pork Chomps and they had lowered triglyceride and cholesterol levels compared to those who did not eat them.
Pork Chomps
For the dogs review, we were sent a variety of Pork Chomps to try out. I received this package right before we left to go up north to my parent’s farm so I grabbed a package of these for all 5 dogs that would be there to try.

I gave a Pork Chomp bone to my mom’s 3 dogs and my 2 dogs and they loved them. They all ran their separate ways with the bones to hide so no one would steal their bone.

Some of the bones were consumed in an hour or so and some were found halfway intact the next day and enjoyed then.
Pork Chomps
The dogs are so funny when they get these types of treats that last a long time. They are super possessive of the treats and hide them in different places around the house for safekeeping.

Needless to say, they were a huge hit for all 5 dogs. Anything that makes my dogs super happy makes me happy!


The giveaway will be for 2 bags of Premium Pork Chomps to 2 different readers of The Nutritionist Reviews blog.
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  2. My dog loves flip chip rawhides, carrots and apples

  3. My dog would love these!

  4. My dog loves Greenies, and would also love these! :)

  5. My 3 dogs are NOT picky when it comes to treats, so these would definitely be welcome in our home!!

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