September 21, 2013

Salada Tea Review

Salada Tea
Until this point, I had not tried Salada teas and was excited to get to try some of their different teas. For my review, I was sent the Tropical Mango Green Tea, Asian Plum White Tea, decaf Digestive Support Green Tea and Brain Boost Green Tea.

Salada Tea
The tea that I was most excited to try from Salada was the Asian Plum White Tea since I had tried any flavors of tea like this in the past. It is a light tea with a fruity plum flavor. I really enjoyed it!
The Mango Green Tea is delicious and is good both hot and iced. It is fruity and gives you a nice boost of caffeine and antioxidants from the green tea.

Salada Tea
My favorite of these teas was the decaf Digestive Support tea. It contains a mix of fennel, ginger and peppermint. It is a soothing tea that is perfect to drink after a meal. I like to sip this tea in the evening to help my digestion.

Another reason that I like Salada tea is because it is affordable. As fun as it is to try expensive tea, it is not very practical for me since I don't have a ton of money to spend on tea. Salada tea can be found in many grocery stores and is only a few dollars. I had fun trying this Salada teas and enjoyed them. 

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