September 10, 2013

Stash Tea Review and Giveaway

Stash Tea
Trying different kinds of unique flavors of tea is one of my favorite things to do. I just love unique flavors and at nearly 0 calories, why not try a ton of different teas? I was recently sent some Stash teas to review and try.

Some of the flavors included red velvet cake, mojito mint, asian pear dragonfruit, tropical lemonade, creme brulee and mojito mint. How's that for unique?

Here is what I thought of some of the flavors:
-Mojito mint- this tea contains caffeine and gave me a nice minty boost when I was tired in the afternoon. The mint flavor is not too strong but I could not really taste a lime flavor. It tasted fresh overall and I really enjoyed this tea. I had my mom try a sip and she liked it too even though she doesn't usually like minty teas.
Stash Red Velvet Herbal Tea
-Red velvet cake- this is the tea that I was most excited to try. It has a fruity flavor mixed with a bit of chocolate. I enjoyed it but do not think that it tastes just like a red velvet cake. I love that it is decaf and makes a great dessert tea.

-Tropical lemonade- this Stash tea comes in  pyramid bags and has a nice lemon flavor and is not too strong.

-Creme brulee- Doesn't this tea sound delicious? It is a loose leaf black tea with flavors of caramel and vanilla added. It is very tasty.

The giveaway will be for Stash Red Velvet Tea, Creme Brulee, Mojito Mint and Tropical Lemonade.
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  1. WooHoo! Thanks for randomly picking me to win the Stash Tea! I love all these flavors and will really enjoy them this fall.

  2. I have to admit the red velvet sounds the most intriguing especially with a bit of chocolate.


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