October 20, 2013

Eat Well, Enjoy Life Hummus Review

Eat Well, Enjoy Life Hummus
Eat Well, Enjoy Life is a company that makes hummus with all kinds of different beans. They have varieties with several beans including edamame, yellow lentil, black bean and of course chickpeas.

They also have a unique “Better for You” hummus that uses low-fat yogurt mixed with hummus to reduce calories and fat while still being creamy. My husband and I have tried 5 or 6 of these hummus flavors so fat and have very much enjoyed them all.

Eat Well, Enjoy Life Hummus
The “Better for You” hummus varieties are creamier than regular hummus due to the addition of Greek yogurt. This hummus has about 50 calories per 2 tablespoon serving compared to the usual 100-110 calories. If you are looking to reduce calories (or like to eat a huge portion of hummus like I do), this is a good option.

I was very lucky to be chosen as a brand ambassador for Eat Well, Enjoy Life. This is a product that I really like because my husband and I are both huge hummus fans and this one tastes great.

Eat Well, Enjoy Life Hummus

Here is our opinion on some of the flavors:
-Sweet & Spicy Black Bean Hummus- This hummus is amazing and is more like a bean dip than hummus. It contains roasted corn, pineapple and red pepper in the center. The combination is unique and tastes great. This container was gone in one sitting between the two of us : )

-Roasted Red Pepper Hummus- This flavor was my husband’s favorite. He loves the roasted red pepper flavor a lot. We enjoy eating hummus on veggies, pita chips, tortillas, wraps and more. I use hummus as a salad dressing as well for a protein boost.

-Edamame Hummus- This was one of my favorite flavors. I really like edamame because it is high in protein and makes a great vegetarian snack or meal. It packs more protein than chickpeas or other beans and tastes mild in this hummus. It contains yellow peppers, black sesame seeds and ginger.

I really like all of these flavors of hummus. I look forward to being a Brand Ambassador for Eat Well, Enjoy Life.

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  1. I love his post! I was just chosen to be a brand ambassador as well! There products are great an black bean was hands down my favorite too!!

  2. Thanks! That's awesome that you were chosen as an ambassador as well. I love their hummus! I'm going now to check out your blog.

  3. I *love* their hummus! The white bean and black bean flavors are my favorite! I've been wanting to try the yellow lentil, but I keep going back to my favorites instead. How did you get chosen as an ambassador?


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