October 08, 2013

Fragrance Net Review: F by Ferragamo Black

F by Ferragamo Black
I first smelled F by Ferragamo Black at a department store last year and loved it for my husband. I saw that Fragrance Net offered this cologne at a reduced cost and became interested. I was sent the F by Ferragamo Black cologne for my husband to review.

There is just something about this cologne that smells so good! It smells different on each person that wears it which is really neat. My husband loves the scent. This cologne is designed by Salvatore Ferragamo. The cologne is thought to have a classic and unique scent. It was introduced in 2009.

F by Ferragamo Black
F by Ferragamo Black has notes of lavender, coriander, black pepper, labdanum and tonka bean. The scent is recommended for adults and is thought to have an intense scent. It is a woodsy scent that lasts on the skin 6-10 hours.

The company has different sizes to offer including a .17 oz tester, 3.4 oz cologne, aftershave lotion and shampoo. They all come at a reduced cost compared to other stores. The 3.4 oz F by Ferragamo Black cologne is only $38.19 compared to the much higher retail price of $86.00. Also, you can use a 15% off discount code to save even more money.

To save 15% off your purchase at Fragrance Net between now and 10/16, use the code YTAH3

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