October 13, 2013

Ministry of Supply Review

It is not too often that my husband gets to review a product but when he does, he gets very excited. He was recently sent some clothing from Ministry of Supply to review. He was sent the Apollo and Core shirts.

Ministry of Supply is a brand of performance professional apparel. The Apollo 2 dress shirt uses the company’s Apollo fabric blend which is very unique. It feels like the material of exercise clothing. It uses NASA heat regulation technology, is anti-microbial and has unique moisture wicking properties. This is good for my husband because he does sweat a lot and the moisture wicking is beneficial to him.

The Apollo 2 shirt retails for $98.00. You can choose between a classic fit or a slim fit. My husband loves to wear his clothes fitted so this is a nice option. This shirt comes in different colors including blue, grey, black, white, purple or pink. My husband likes this shirt and it feels like nice quality. The only thing is that it feels strange compared to normal dress shirts. He is not sure that he would wear this shirt to work but would definitely wear it other places.

The Core shirts come in either white or black. We chose the black since it was sharp looking. They have a nice v-neck cut which I think is flattering. The Ministry of Supply shirt uses thermal imaging for an educated design that changes based on how much ventilation you need. It has a radiator knit for seamless construction and hydroblend which is a mix of cotton and polyamide fibers for moisture wicking and comfort.

My husband loves this shirt! It is very soft and is great quality. He loves the fact that the ventilation changes based on how you need it to be.

This brand is very unique and I love the technology that goes into each piece to make for a quality product. 

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  1. Those look like seriously nice shirts for men! I love how they have that special technology so not only are they professional looking, but they're very efficient and comfortable to wear as well :)

  2. Let's be serious, these shirts are not good. Pulling the relevant quotes from your review:
    "It feels like the material of exercise clothing.
    "The only thing is that it feels strange compared to normal dress shirts."
    "He is not sure that he would wear this shirt to work but would definitely wear it other places."

    Any dress shirt that a guy refuses to wear to work is a dress shirt he doesn't like.

    My wife liked the sound of the tech, too, and got me some for Christmas. It's terrible, it not only feels like exercise shirt fabric, but looks like exercise shirt fabric, too. And the hand of the material is all wrong. Look at how sloppy the sleeves look in the professional shot in this blog. Just move around a little, and the sleeves bunch all weird and look like crap. You'll notice most of MOS's videos just have people roll up their sleeves; presumably they realize the fabric doesn't hang as it should.

    The pants are even worse. Imagine a woman's high-tech stretch yoga pants cut as men's dress slacks.

    Anyway, my wife was certainly disappointed with them. They're going back.


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