October 22, 2013

Ornaments With Love Review

For the past two years, I was kindly offered an ornament to review from Ornaments with Love. My favorite ornament is the one I created for my husband when we first moved into our new home with our new address on it. It was the perfect timing and a great memory.
My ornament from 2 years ago!

This year, I created an ornament for a family member (which I cannot share yet) but I really like it. Ornamentswith Love have tons and tons of ornaments to choose from. If your loved one is into sports, there are ornaments for them. They have family ornaments, love ornaments, engagement ornaments and more.

They can be customized to say whatever you would like which is really nice. The ornaments are super affordable and look really nice. Most ornaments are $10.99-$13.99. In my experience, these ornaments always ship very fast and come nicely wrapped with small gift bag to wrap it in.

Here are some of my favorite ornaments from Ornaments with Love:
Personalized Engaged Couple Christmas Ornament with Ring -  Both Brown Hair image

Personalized Runner's Personal Timer Christmas Ornament  image
If you are thinking of creating a custom ornament for your family member, you may want to order early to make sure that they get it on time since this is a very busy time of year.

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