October 09, 2013

RW Garcia Review

RW Garcia Chips
My husband and I go through a lot of tortilla chips. We love salsa, guacamole, hummus and making healthier nachos. To me, it is important to find a tasty chip that is not high in sodium to enjoy as a snack.

I was recently sent some of the RW Garcia chips to try out. I had reviewed RW Garcia chips in the past and really enjoyed them.

They have different kinds of tortilla chips including flax chips, veggie chips, blue corn and more. They have bags called Mixtbag which comes with a mix of the kinds of chips. They also have long Dippers which are great for dipping into different sauces.
 RW Garcia MixTBag Dipping Chips
I love these chips because they are very tasty. You are able to taste a flavorful corn flavor in the blue corn chips and you can see the flax in the flax chips. These chips are also thick and sturdier than many other tortilla chips which is great to avoid breakage.

A serving size of RW Garcia Tortilla chips is 15 chips. One serving of chips contains 140 calories, 50 mg of sodium, 2 g fiber and 2 grams of protein. One of my favorite features of these chips is how low in sodium they are. This is much lower than any other tortilla chip out there that I have seen and I love that. My body is very sensitive to sodium so I am always trying to reduce the amount of sodium in my diet. These RW Garcia chips are great to be able to have a snack but keep the sodium to a minimum.

I enjoy all flavors of these chips and need to find them in a store near me ASAP!

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