November 19, 2013

Febreeze Holiday Scents Review

Febreeze Holiday Scents 2013
It has always fascinated me that a smell can make you recall certain memories. A certain smell reminds my of my Busia’s (grandma in Polish) house. Abercrombie and Fitch cologne will always remind me of when I first met my husband. A certain scent can bring up memories that you have not thought about in a long time. It is truly amazing.

Certain scents always remind me of the holidays. I was sent some of the Febreeze holiday scents as part of a SheSpeaks campaign to try out and they have helped to get me excited for the holidays.

Febreeze Holiday Scents 2013
The holiday cider scent smells great! Febreeze scents are typically too strong for my tastes to be plugged in permanently so I prefer to plug them in for about a day and then unplug them for a day or so. This helps keep the scent not too strong as well as makes it last longer.

Febreeze Holiday Scents 2013
With my Febreeze holiday scents, I was sent a cute 3D book including Christmas displays and the different Febreeze scents (as seen in the pictures).

Winter and Holiday Febreeze Scents include:
-Winter Frost
-Glistening Pine
-Cranberry Cider

What scents make you think of certain memories?

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