November 06, 2013

KindRunner Review and Giveaway

KindRunner Review
I am so, so excited to bring you this review and giveaway today. I recently found a company called KindRunner that sells all different products for running. They have running shoes for men and women, compression gear, injury prevention items, nutrition, running watches and more.

KindRunner is a very unique company in what they do. When you buy running shoes from them, they send you a Kindness Cash Rewards returning label. This label is used to let you send back your old running shoes to be recycled. They take all kinds of running shoes and give them to people in need (working with MORE Foundation Group and Soles4Souls. Once they receive the shoes, you will get a $10 Kindness Cash Rewards- just for sending in your old shoes!  What a great program!

For my review, I was sent three running products that I have put to excellent use already. I was sent a pair of Brooks gloves, Nathan strobelight

Brooks Running Gloves
I was sent the Brooks Pulse Lite Gloves to review. I have not run in the cold for about 7 years now so I didn’t have a lot of winter running gear. These gloves will be perfect for cold runs. They are super lightweight and breathable. Runner’s World named them the “Most Minimalist” running glove. I wore these on my run and my hands never got too hot which is a common problem with other gloves worn running.

Brooks Running GlovesBrooks Running Gloves
The BrooksPulse Lite Gloves have moisture-transfer fabric which helps to keep your hands dry by wicking sweat. The fingertip of the pointer finger on each glove lets you use your phone which is so great since I run with my phone for the GPS and for music. I really love these gloves and know that I will get tons of use out of them!

Nathan StrobelightNathan Strobelight     The NathanStrobelight is another essential for me because I run before the sun comes up. Every time I run, it is about 1 ½ hours before the sun comes up making it dangerous because cars can’t see me. I have worn this strobelight on 2 runs so far and love it. It is very lightweight and can clip on anything. I wore it on my hat for easy visibility. It has a couple of settings where the light is steady or where it is blinking. The light retails for only $9.00.

Roll Recovery R8
This last product that I have to share with you is new and really awesome! Is it called the RollRecovery R8 and helps massage tired and sore muscles. It is a brand new device for runners that is becoming very popular. You stretch it over your leg muscles (as seen in the photo of me) and roll up and down. I have been loving to use it on my calves and quads when they are sore. My sister tried it out as well and really liked it.

Roll Recovery R8
It is a great way to give yourself a deep tissue massage. The R8 helps to reduce inflammation, breakup muscle adhesions, stimulate blood circulation and reduce recover time for runners. This massage feels so amazing on sore muscles. I highly recommend it and can’t wait to show it to my brother who is a crazy runner.

I have loved trying these products from KindRunner and have found them all to be extremely useful and to be high-quality products.

The giveaway will be for the Roll Recovery R8 ($120 value) to one lucky reader of The Nutritionist Reviews.
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