November 15, 2013

Lancome DreamTone Review

Lancome Dreamtone
When I heard about Lancome Dreamtone, I became interested. It is a serum created to reduce dark spots, uneven skin tone and color imperfections in your skin. Overall, I have pretty good skin but could use some help as well.

I was asked to share a bare picture of myself without any makeup. Here I am!

This new DreamTone product is so powerful that according to a study, 72% of women showed their bare skin without makeup after using this product. It comes in three different shades: fair, medium and dark. I chose the fair serum to try.

I think that this product smells so good! It has a light rose scent and smooths on your skin nicely. I did notice that my skin tone seemed more even after using this product.

In the 8 week study conducted, here were the results:
IMMEDIATELY: 74% saw glowing skin

7 DAYS: 70% noticed a more even skin tone

4 WEEKS: 69% saw the appearance of dark spots reduced

8 WEEKS: 78% saw color imperfections reduced

Lancome Dreamtone is meant to be used twice per day under your normal moisturizer. A 1.3 fl oz bottle costs $98 and can be purchased at department stores nationwide.

Disclosure: I received this product for free from SheSpeaks/Lancome. All opinions are my own.

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