November 08, 2013

RunnerBox Review and Giveaway

As you know, I’m now a runner and love anything related to running and improving my performance. I found a company called RunnerBox that is a monthly subscription service that includes products for running. It has a nice mix of food and items to help with your running.

The box of products comes every other month and can be purchased for one month at a time or more. The box is $20 per month which for all it comes with, seems pretty reasonable. You can also select a gluten-free option which is great for those with Celiac disease or gluten-intolerance.

Some of the products that The RunnerBox came with are:
-Foot Rubz- an awesome ball that you can rub your sore runners feet on to help sore muscles. This ball is so helpful and I have already used it a handful of times. It is small which is great because it does not take up a lot of space but is very beneficial.

-Pumpkin Spiced Clif Bar- I did not like the flavor of this bar (too much spice) but like Clif bars overall- I would just prefer a different flavor.

-The Good Bean Chickpea Snacks

-Quest Bar in cookie dough flavor- Love Quest bars and this flavor is great- especially warmed up.

-Jelly Belly Sports Beans- good for quick energy on a run. The small bag is portable and I would use this if I went on a run longer than 8 miles.

-Get Up and Go Caffeinated Cinnamon Dolce Latte Granola- I had never heard of caffeinated granola before but this is so tasty over plain Greek yogurt.

-A hair tie, salt stick caps and something to put over blisters- runner essentials

-High calorie bars- 250-350 calories- this box included a couple of high calorie bars which are a bit too high for me but for my husband Troy who likes to run and is always trying to gain weight, these are a great option.

Overall, I think that the RunnerBox contained some great items!

The giveaway will be for a one month subscription to RunnerBox.
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