November 21, 2013

Vasque Shoes Review

Vasque Shoes
My husband was so excited to be able to review these shoes. I am sent many more products to review than him so when I told him that he could choose some shoes to test out, he loved it. Vasque is a company that sells hiking shoes and boots, trail running shoes and gear for backpacking and adventures.

Troy was sent the Pendulum shoes in a black and blue combination. These are the newest trail running shoes from Vasque and are the lightest shoes that they have to offer. This shoe keeps the foot close to the ground so that you strike the ground naturally. These shoes can be purchased from for $93.

Vasque Shoes
My husband really likes them. They have less of the trail shoe/book look and more like regular running shoes. He has been wearing them for a couple of weeks now and thinks that they are very comfortable.

Troy likes to run on the grass so that his knee does not hurt and although that is not a trail, these shoes are still beneficial on the wet grass. My parent’s have a farm and these would be great to wear all over their property.
Vasque Shoes

Gift Guide Idea
These shoes would be great for the person in your life who loves to hike, backpack, run and go through trails.

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