November 13, 2013

Why I Love Avocados

I have been eating avocados my entire life and when I had the opportunity to write a post about my love for avocados, I knew that it would be a great fit for me. My favorite way to eat avocados is the typical way of making them into guacamole. I do like them in many other recipes as well and enjoy checking out all of the recipes out there that includes avocados.

Why I Love Avocados

-They contain a high amount of naturally good fats. On a salad or something that needs a boost of beneficial fats, this is a great option.

-Avocados have a great creamy texture that is wonderful in a variety of recipes.

-My husband is Mexican and his family always makes guacamole for parties- it is delicious.

-My family has been making guacamole for my whole life. It is a family favorite.

How I Use Avocados

-Swap mashed avocado on a sandwich for mayo. Avocado is a healthier fat option than mayonnaise and makes an excellent sandwich topper.

-Have sliced avocado on a veggie sandwich or a salad.

-I like making salad dressing using avocado- I mash up avocado, a lot of lime juice and a little oil and garlic.

-Use fresh avocados as opposed to processed dips (not all avocado dips are processed- check the labels).

-I make my guacamole with chopped onion, tomatoes, lime juice, onion powder and garlic powder.

-I make a soup called Chipotle Chicken Avocado soup which is a spicy Chipotle broth with shredded chicken and chunks of avocado. My family is obsessed with this soup.

-My local fruit and vegetable market has a couple different kinds of avocados and I like trying different kinds. The Hass avocadoes are perfect for many different types of recipes.

Nutritional Benefits of Avocados

-Contain naturally good fats- 75% of the fat in avocados is unsaturated, includes monounsaturated fat.

-Have 50 calories per one ounce serving.

-Are a “nutrient booster”- helps the body to better absorb fat-soluble nutrients including alpha and beta carotene and lutein when you eat these nutrients with avocado.

-Provides 20 vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients

-Are cholesterol and sodium free

-Very low in sugar (less than 1 gram per 1 oz)

Recipes to Try with Avocados

-Chipotle Chicken Soup with Avocado

-Creamy Lime and Avocado Tart- yes, avocados can be used in desserts as well. Their mild flavor makes them a great swap for other high fat, unhealthy ingredients.

Chocolate Avocado Fudge

-Chocolate Avocado Fudge- I need to try this ASAP!

To learn more information about the benefits of avocadoes and how you can use avocadoes, check out Love One Today.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All views and opinions are my own. For nutrition information on avocados, please be sure to visit the website.

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