December 14, 2013

ePantry Review

epantry cleaning products
You most likely have not heard of ePantry yet because it is a new company so I am here to tell you about it. They are a company that sells quality, sustainable cleaning products that are delivered to your door on a regular basis. They are sold at prices less than the grocery store would sell.

What I think is very neat about the site is that there is a questionnaire to fill out to help you choose the best products for your family. You have to put how many members are in your family, if you have children, how many bathrooms are in your home, how old the homeowners are, how many times you wash your hands per day, how clean your home is and if you like to cook.

Then, you select which brand you prefer: Method, Mrs. Meyers or Grab Green. Then, items are suggested for you that you may want (dish detergent, hand soap, all purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, laundry detergent, etc.). You can also receive paper products from the company. You can remove which items you do not want and order the ones you do want.

I think that the way the site is set up is fun and simple enough to use. After you decide on your order for today, the company recommends products you will need in the future so that you do not run out.

For my review, I was sent a variety of products- mostly Method and Mrs. Meyers brands. These are high quality brands that are good for the environment too. I like everything that I was sent and find it important that they do not use harsh chemicals as I have been trying to get away from those.

My favorite product from ePantry is the Method mint glass cleaner. It cleans really well and smells so much better than other products full of chemical smells. I was very satisfied with my shipment of cleaning, paper and body products that I was sent from ePantry.

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