December 09, 2013

La Mer Collections Watch Review

La Mer Collection
I love watches and La Mer Collections has some very unique watches. They sell wrap around watches that looks like a bunch of bracelets together. They have some very beautiful items. For my review, I was sent the houndstooth watch and the Indian leopard coppertone watch.

The leopard watch comes with an extra long 22” strap that is meant to wrap around your wrist a few times. It has 14k gold rivets and has a 14k gold plated watch case. I love this watch! I think that it would look so sleek with an all black outfit or red outfit. I would wear this watch on a date or anywhere really.
La Mer Collection

The houndstooth chain wrap watch is beautiful as well. These watches are made in the USA. This one is new for this holiday season. I think that this watch is pretty fancy and since it is black and white, can match with many other colors. This watch retails for $120. I think that the chains add a nice look to the watch. This is not just a watch- it is a statement piece.

Here are my other favorite La Mer Collection pieces:
Orion's Belt Wrap Watch
Navajo Wrap Watch
Kenyan Stones Wrap Watch
I love both of the La Mer Collections watches that I was sent. I think that they seem to be good quality and love the different designs that they have.

Gift Guide Idea

La Mer watches would be perfect for any glamorous women. Any women who love fancy jewelry are bound to love any of the pieces from La Mer Collections.


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