December 21, 2013

OtterBox Review

Otterbox Defender Series
This review is brought to you by my husband Troy (typed by me!). Troy loves new technology and is pretty obsessed with his iPhone (I think that Android is so much better…it is a never ending joking battle that goes on in my house). He loves getting new cases for it and researching different neat apps.

I was given the opportunity to choose an item from OtterBox to review and Troy chose the iPhone 4/4s Defender with iON Intelligence case. This case typically retails for $130 but is a much lower price right now at $65 (most likely due to the fact that the iPhone 5 already came out).

This case gives the phone a lot of protection which is great for a guy since guys keep their phone in their pocket and it can easily fall out. The case charges your phone and has a battery app as well. It provides protection against dropping your phone which is perfect for the iPhone which the screen can shatter easily.

The internal shell is made of polycarbonate and fully covers the phone. It has memory foam inside the shell to absorb impact against scuffs and scrapes. The screen protector guards against scratches and the slip cover wraps around the shell to protect the phone. The phone is definitely protected! My husband likes the amount of protection that the phone has. The only negative is that the case is pretty bulky compared to normal cases (without the extended battery).

The phone battery lasted so much longer with this OtterBox cover which is awesome! My husband got this phone before going hunting. For hunting, it is important to have your phone charged so you can quietly text the other people you are hunting with if you shot and if you got a deer. My husband usually has to charge his phone every night but with this case, he tried not charging it the night before hunting and still had plenty of battery! We were impressed.
 Otterbox iPhone Armor Series
He was also sent the iPhone 4 Armor Series Case which is waterproof for 30 minutes, can withstand a 10 foot drop and let zero dust or debris to enter. This case would be awesome for guys who work construction or other physical jobs where their phone is at risk of getting dropped often.

Troy and I were both impressed with these phone cases by OtterBox. They are high quality and have many features that set them apart from other phone cases.

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