December 16, 2013

Plum Door Tea Co. Review

Plum Door Tea
I have an awesome Michigan company to introduce to you today: Plum Door Tea Co. My dad actually found this company for me in the paper and knew that it would be something that I would like. Plum Door Tea Co. is a company that started out as a small tea bar in Milford, MI and now sells over 65 blends of loose tea.

For my review, I was sent a variety of interesting flavors of tea to try including: sweet basil lime, tropical walnut, creamsicle and pistachio citrus.

Each 2 ounce pouch of this loose tea has 25-28 servings and retails for $7.95 which is quite affordable compared to other companies that sell loose tea.

Creamsicle Tea
Creamsicle Tea

The first tea that I decided to try was the creamsicle tea. I brought it over to my family’s home and my brother, his fiancĂ© and I tried this tea. It truly does taste just like a creamsicle! I loved that it was caffeine free because I can sip it any time of day. It was sweet and tasted more indulgent than a cup of tea. This one was great!

Plum Door Tea
I also tried the pure wellness tea which is a blend of tangerine, herbs and flowers. This loose leafed tea is so pretty! I would want to display it in a glass jar or something to show it off. This is a lightly flavored herbal tea that was tasty. It had a very fruity flavor.

The nut teas were unique to me because I had not tried tea that contains real nuts before. The pistachio citrus has real pieces of pistachios which is really neat. These teas had a lightly nutty flavor and were tasty.

If you have not heard of the Plum Door Tea Co. before, you may want to check them out because they have tons of interesting and unique flavors.

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