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Balance Bar Review and Giveaway + Goals

Balance Bars
Balance Bar is a company that makes bars that are great for snacks. I love to have a bar most days mid-morning and enjoyed trying these Balance Bars that I was sent to sample. They come in three flavors: Dark Chocolate Peanut, Chocolate Mint Cookie Crunch and Yogurt Honey Peanut.

I enjoyed trying these flavors. My favorite was definitely the chocolate mint cookie crunch. Anything chocolate mint is right up my alley. One bar has 200 calories, 14 grams of protein and is made of soy protein.

Balance Bar wants for you to help meet your New Year’s goals. To learn more, check out the New Year’s Balance Bar Pledge.

Here are some of my personal New Year’s Goals:
-Be active 6 days per week- I feel my best when I exercise. I want to exercise 6 days per week. This can include: walking, running, biking, weight lifting, fitness videos, etc.

-Run a half marathon- I have slowly increased my mileage and think that I can run a half marathon this year. Right now, my knee is injured so one of my top goals is to heal my knee first.

-Stop snacking related to boredom- I am so bad at snacking when I am bored. I find myself reaching for different snacks daily even though I am not hungry. I want to be more true to my hunger and only eat when I am actually hungry.

What are your New Year’s goals?


The giveaway will be for a mix of Balance Bars, headphones from Yurbuds, and a 2014 calendar.
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  1. Yay for a chance to win a 2014 wall calendar. I have a pocket one and usually am bombarded with free ones but this year not a one! I must go to the dollar store and get one for now!

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  3. This year I want to stay active and healthy.

  4. I am hoping to get organized this year

  5. Mine is to lose my baby belly and learn to play piano. Going well so far!

  6. My new years goal is to loose 70 lbs my husband is trying also so we are working as a team

  7. I would like to also stop unnecessary snacking

  8. I am hoping to eat more fruits and vegetables and take more walks.
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  9. My goal is to lose that last 10 pound! ... Like everyone else ha ha ha. Otherwise just in general taking care of myself is my goal this year. For example, I finally invested in an electric toothbrush!

  10. To be healthier, me and my family.

  11. I will walk at least 365 mikes this year

  12. This year I will continue the daily exercise routine I began in 2013, reduce the amount of sugar I eat, and sleep at least 6 hours a night.

  13. I plan to work more efficiently this year!

  14. I want to eat more fruits and vegetables.

  15. I plan to get out and walk, hike and spend time with family!!


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