January 25, 2014

NOW Foods Review

Now Foods
I recently had the opportunity to try out some NOW Foods products. They sell a big variety of products including supplements, foods and more. I chose some products that I was interested in and here is what I thought:
-Pure Maple Syrup- Until now, I am not sure that I have ever had real, pure maple syrup. I usually buy the light syrup which I do not use much of. I was excited to try this maple syrup. This past weekend, my husband and I made some homemade waffles in our waffle maker. We topped them with a bit of this pure maple syrup. It is very sweet so you need less than you would of another kind of syrup. Strangely, it had less of a maple flavor than other syrups that I have tried. It was tasty for sure!
-Maca supplement- I have heard good things about maca supplements and wanted to try them out. Here is some of maca’s benefits: Maca is grown at high elevations in the Andes region of central Peru . It has been used for centuries by indigenous Peruvians as a food source, as well as for increasing stamina and energy. More recent scientific studies have demonstrated that Maca supports hormonal balance and both male and female reproductive health.

-Prenatal gels and DHA- My doctor told me that I should take a regular vitamin and I wanted to try out these vitamins that have DHA right within the pills. These don’t leave me feeling sick like some multi-vitamins do.
-Argan oil- I have read awesome things about argan oil and how it is beneficial to your skin and hair. I have very dry hair so I wanted to try this out and see how it works on my hair. So far, my hair seems shinier which is great!
I enjoyed trying these different NOW Foods products and think that they are high quality.

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