January 08, 2014

Zumba Incredible Results Review

Zumba Incredible Results
Until this point, I had never tried Zumba. I have read about it many times and have always wanted to try it. I was recently sent Zumba Incredible Results and had a great time trying this new-to-me workout.
This Zumba set came with four workout DVDs, a workout guide, a nutrition book and a step for some of the workouts. I tried out two of the DVDs and really enjoyed them. I have not been able to try out the Zumba step yet because I have been struggling with a knee injury from running.
The first DVD that I tried was the 30 minute burn DVD. Each song was directed by a different instructor which was really neat. It kept me motivated and having fun through the DVD. It does not require any equipment. In fact, I just popped it into my computer, set my computer up on my bedroom dresser and got to dancing.
The video was not super difficult. You were able to choose if you wanted voice instructions through the DVD to help you understand the moves which were helpful for a beginner like me. I enjoyed the Latin music throughout the DVD.
Zumba incredible resultsI really want to try Zumba with my sister who I think would really like it. I also tried the Super Cardio Dance Party which is another Zumba dancing video. They have moments through the video where you do more intense cardio to get your heart pumping so that you burn more calories.
I cannot believe how much I enjoyed these videos. I will definitely take some Zumba dance classes in the future and really enjoyed trying out Zumba Incredible Results.

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  1. I liked the first set and kept it but not so much for the 2nd Zumba set that came out--returned that--too techno I guess. I haven't seen this one yet. I was introduced to Zumba when the Pilates studio down the street had a free class. Love to dance :)

  2. Agreed. I loved the first set but sold it to "upgrade" to the exhilarate set. I don't enjoy this one as much but kept it since I couldn't seem to find the older set again. Now I'm hoping this newest set will be more to my liking. Planning on ordering this shortly because I do love Zumba overall.

    1. **WARNING** Wordy review:
      Received mine a few days ago. Ripped into it and was already happy. The riser is bigger in person than it appeared, so it's easier to keep track of where your feet should be. I did the amazing abs, super cardio dance party and the step videos. I started with the Rapid Results calender which is a week long. I just finished day 2.

      The abs video is short, energetic and simple enough to follow. I like that you don't need to be on the floor for the routines. They use Beto's Sentao routine with chairs. I recommend a smooth surface and not wood for "sliding" capabilities. I kept getting stuck when I used my dining chair so I got a fold-up and it was much better.

      The step video was by far the most difficult for me. One, I rarely exercise wearing shoes (I know, a travesty!) so it made me feel heavier wearing my sneakers which are needed to use the riser. The routines were challenging enough to be difficult but not impossible. This is good when you're trying to get in shape and are easily discouraged. If I stopped, it was for a few seconds and I was able to jump right back in.

      Super Cardio Dance Party! This is my favorite SO FAR...I haven't done the rest of the videos so I don't know yet. It was fun, high energy and the music was good. The extra cardio bursts are fun and push you, but knowing it's only 30 seconds makes it easier mentally to just work through it. You will burn with some of them but it's worth it.

      Overall, I like this the best. I still adored my first Zumba set, but since I can't find them to buy any longer I've adopted this as my new go to. I kept my exhilarate set but it definitely doesn't compare. You will sweat, lots and have fun. Plus I ordered the zumba bracelets with the bells so it adds to the whole feeling while I work out. I would recommend this one to any who enjoys Zumba.

  3. I received it yesterday... i was so exited so i tried the steps. For the first 8 minutes my sweat is dripping out from my body. then i have done abs as well. It was so much fun. I love zumba workout from the first one, Second and now. Become addicted.. :) and i lose a lot weight from size 16- 12. Totally change wardrobe...


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