February 02, 2014

Chuao Chocolatier Review

Chuao Chocolatier
Rich chocolate can be a delicious treat. As with everything, moderation is key. I recently found a company called Chuao Chocolatier that makes unique flavors of chocolate.
I was sent a variety to try including maple bacon chocolate, potato chip chocolate, triple nut temptation and spicy Maya bar.
The first bar that I tried was the maple bacon bar. These are available in little tiny bars for only 60 calories making them the perfect after-dinner treat. This bar has a light maple flavor along with some smokiness from the bacon. It was very good!
Chuao Chocolatier
My other favorite bar had to be the potato chip chocolate bar. There is something about that sweet and salty mix that I have always loved. This bar has tiny little pieces of kettle cooked potato chips that are very tasty. The overall flavor is mostly chocolate with a bit of salty flavor.
I used to not like chocolate at all until I found some of the higher quality pieces of chocolate. This is much different in flavor and texture than cheap chocolate bars. I prefer to stick to a small piece of quality chocolate.
I enjoyed trying these Chuao Chocolatier products. The unique flavors got my attention and were fun to try.

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