February 05, 2014

Peach Dish Review

Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry
I have a company to share today that I had a very fun time reviewing. It is called Peach Dish and they send you all of the fresh ingredients and recipes to make a couple of meals each week. I have participated in a review of another company in the past and really enjoyed it. I knew that I would love to try out Peach Dish.
Peach Dish sends you the exact measured amount of all ingredients that you need for your recipe. It makes cooking simpler for those who are short on time or for those are not very experienced in the kitchen.
For my review, I was sent the food to make stuffed turkey meatballs and pasta as well as beef with broccoli stir-fry. Both of these dishes turned out great and I had fun making them.
Peach Dish
For the stuffed turkey meatballs with pasta, I had my friend Clare over and we made it together. Peach Dish is very fun to make with someone else. We each took over different parts of the meal and cooked side by side. The meal turned out great! The turkey meatballs were stuffed with fresh mozzarella cheese which was very tasty. It also came with olives as an appetizer and chocolate biscotti for dessert. The meal served both of us and we had one meal of leftovers from it.

Peach Dish
I made the beef and broccoli stir-fry a couple of days later with my husband. We enjoyed making this meal together very much. The sauce was a combination of rice vinegar, sugar and soy sauce which was tasty. It also came with a miso soup to make which neither of us liked but I think that was more of a personal preference. For a little dessert, it came with a couple of fortune cookies. This meal left us with a one serving of stir-fry left over which my husband enjoyed the next day.
Peach Dish
I really, really enjoyed reviewing Peach Dish. I think that it is very fun to have everything fresh, measured out and ready to cook. For $50, you get enough ingredients to make two dinners for 2 people each week. Considering the convenience and that it is shipped to your home, my husband and I did not think that this was a bad price. So each meal ends up being $12.50 per person. We thought that this would be an awesome option for a guy trying to make a nice meal for a date. If he was inexperienced in the kitchen, he could still make a great meal due to the simplicity of the recipe and ingredients all being together.
Peach Dish
Also, my husband loved that the meal came with a recipe so that we could recreate it with our own ingredients. For example, instead of saying to add the rice packet, it says add ¾ cup of rice (or however much) so that when you make it again, you know how much to use.
My negatives that I found with Peach Dish were two things: the pasta and rice were both white starches and each recipe used at least 3 pots and pans. I wish that the pasta was whole-wheat and that the rice was brown rice. Also, for both recipes, I had three different pots and pans going at the same time. I would have preferred for it to be one or two.

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