March 09, 2014

Lekue Review

Lekue Steamer
I love trying new-to-me kitchen products. I recently reviewed the Lekue omelet cooker which I loved. From Lekue, I was also sent a variety of other awesome cooking products to try out. What I love about these is that they help to make cooking quick and easy which is so important nowadays that people are so busy.

Lekue Silicone Brush
I was sent a silicone brush to try out. What I plan to use this brush for is brushing sauces on meat and vegetables for grilling this summer. My husband is the master griller in our family and he loves to add sauces to our food while cooking. What is nice about this brush is that it is heat resistant up to 220 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it won’t melt while using it over heat.

Lekue Minute Cake
The minute cake set is perfect for making healthier, quick cakes as a snack. You can make lava cake in these (yum!). It is perfect for when you do not want an entire cake but still want a little one. It takes less than 5 minutes to make a little cake which is awesome. My favorite part about it is that it is portioned controlled to help prevent overeating.

The green steam case is awesome. You can steam vegetables in the microwave quickly and they turn out really well. I have done red skinned potatoes in these as well as other vegetables when I need them done in a pinch.
Lekue Baking Sheets
The baking sheet is great because it is nonstick. I am so sick of scrubbing the heck out of my baking sheets to keep them clean. This one works great.

These products are BPA free and are safe for the microwave. That was one of my concerns that they would not be safe but they are. These products are very affordable. The silicone brushes are $6 while other items like the baking sheet are $20. These Lekue products make cooking so much simpler with products that work well, save time and are easy to use.

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  1. It's always nice to have new gadgets to experiment with in the kitchen, especially if they make cooking and baking a little easier :)


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