March 07, 2014

New-To-Me Foods Part 3

Barefruit Apple Chips
  1. Bare Fruit Apple Chips- I love dried fruit and always have. I was recently send some Bare Fruit Dried Apples to try and really like them. They do not contain any added sugars or oil. The only ingredient in the Granny Smith chips for example is Granny Smith apples. These are perfectly crispy and taste great on their own. A half of cup serving of these apples is 90 calories and 4 grams of fiber. They make a great snack for people of all ages. My favorite flavor is the Granny Smith because they are tart. For a sweet treat, the sea salt caramel is great.

Way Better Pitaahh Chips
  1. Way Better Pita-ahh Chips- I love Way Better tortilla chips so I was excited to try their new pita chips made with heritage grains including sprouted red fife and hearty spelt. They come in three flavors: toasted garlic, smoked havarti and sea salt. To eat with hummus, the toasted garlic and sea salt were great. To eat plain, my husband was obsessed with the smoked havarti flavor. He ate most of one bag in one sitting! These are non-GMO project verified and vegan.  They were very tasty and I would purchase these in the future.
 TCBY Silk Vanilla Almond
  1. TCBY Silk Vanilla Almond- TCBY recently contacted me to try their new Silk Vanilla Almond ice cream. I was so excited about this because I know that a lot of people cannot tolerate ice cream so they would now have an option that they can eat. This ice cream is dairy-free and gluten-free and is made with almond milk. It has 110 calories and is served soft serve. I got a cup of this ice cream and enjoyed it. The texture is a bit less creamy than ice cream that contains dairy but I did think that it is a good option. I would top this with raspberries or fresh fruit for more flavor.
    Traditional Medicinals Tea
  1. 4. Traditional Medicinals Tea- I recently wrote a Traditional Medicinals review but did not receive the second part of my review package at that point. I was sent a pregnancy tea and a ginger tea to review. The ginger tea has been great to help my nausea associated with pregnancy (although I am feeling pretty awesome now). The pregnancy tea is supposed to prepare the womb for childbirth and tone the uterus. It is a combination of raspberry and nettle leaf, alfalfa and mint.

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