March 17, 2014

New-to-Me Foods Part 4 Giveaway

Tru-nut Powdered Peanut Butter
1. Tru-Nut Powdered Peanut Butter- I have tried other powdered peanut butters in the past and really like them. I do not use them what I would use PB for as I still think PB is a great option. Instead, I love to add powdered peanut butter to plain yogurt or to a stir-fry to make a peanut sauce. The original flavor of Tru-Nut peanut butter is really good in a simple veggie stir-fry. I loved the sweet cinnamon flavor mixed with the peanut butter flavor as well mixed with Greek yogurt and cereal. What is awesome about powdered PB is that it only has 45 calories for 2 tablespoons. This product is also available in chocolate which I'm sure would be tasty as well.

Tisano Mint Cacao Tea 04oz
2. Tisano Chocolate Tea- This mint cacao tea is different than your traditional tea. It is made of cacao with a mix of peppermint. No artificial flavorings are used and instead, 100% organic cacao is. This tea has a light mint and chocolate flavor. It is not strong like a mint hot chocolate or anything but tastes more like a mix of tea and hot chocolate. It is a low-calorie sweet treat perfect for after dinner.

3. Flapjacked Protein Pancake Mix- I have seen Flapjacked protein pancakes on other blogs for awhile and wanted to try them myself. One serving has 15-17 g or protein and 4-7 grams of fiber! This is awesome for pancakes. I love pancakes but often am hungry right after eating them. With this high protein mix, I stayed full for a longer period of time. They come in three flavors: buttermilk, cinnamon apple and banana hazelnut. Ingredients include whole oat flour, buttermilk, whey protein and more. They have no funky ingredients, no additives and no preservatives. I loved the banana hazelnut flavor!

The giveaway will be for one jar of Tru-Nut Powdered peanut butter to one winner and a 4 oz tin of Tisano Cacao Tea to 5 winners.
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  1. I just tried these little bite size all organic chocolate energy snacks from my local health food store and they are sooo good! Packed with seeds too! Perfect when I have a snack attack since I only need one to satisfy my sweet tooth!

  2. Nothing really new, but I've been experimenting with different flavorings on my popcorn lately. Garlic parmesan is my favorite so far.

  3. Haven't tried anything new as far as food - we are moving in a little less than 2 weeks so using things up - LOL But did try some silicone baking cups - very very cool - going to play with them a lot - LOL

  4. Not lately, but I'd like to!
    Miz Vickik


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