April 01, 2014

9Fashion Maternity Review

Before I write my review, I have to mention that I met my husband 7 years ago today. Look how much has changed! Marriage, house, dogs and now a baby!!

9Fashion is a company that makes beautiful maternity clothing. It is made in Poland which caught my attention because I am half Polish. They make casual clothing as well as business clothing which is perfect for me to wear to work.

I was sent the Gilda dress which comes in slate and wine colors. It is very comfortable and my husband loved this dress the most. My brother's wedding shower is coming up and I may wear this dress to that. I think that it is flattering to a pregnant belly and the tie shows off the stomach in a nice way.

I was sent some of their Zaco trousers and Shagy trousers. I am most excited about these because my other work pants do not fit anymore. I had an interesting time for a couple weeks trying on pants and finding out that 4 pairs no longer fit in one morning! These pants are fitted in the legs so that they look nice but have a full maternity panel on the stomach which is very comfortable. I really love them! The company was so nice to send me an XS that fit great now and a S which will fit better later once I get bigger.

I was also sent the Zahara shirt to try out. This is not a top that I would have normally chosen for myself but I ended up really liking it. It has stretchy panels on the side for a fitted look earlier in pregnancy and to stretch for later on during your pregnancy. It is great for work for when I want to look more polished.

The black Sierra blouse seen above is one of my favorites. It is a longer top which will fit an expanding belly very well. I like the bow because it gives your belly some shape and makes it look really cute.

I love every single item that I was sent from 9Fashion. They are good quality items and I can't wait to wear them throughout my pregnancy.

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  1. These styles all look great on you! Enjoy this special time.

  2. I love that black blouse on you! The dress is gorgeous too! I wish I had known about this company when I was pregnant.They have some really cute stuff.

    1. Thank you! I think it will grow nicely with the stomach. They do have cute clothes! Professional and casual choices.

  3. Hi Everyone,We are stationed at Vilseck/Grafenwohr Source, and I'm wondering if anyone out there has recommendations for maternity clothes shopping.


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