April 14, 2014

New Products I've Tried Recently Part 2 Giveaway

Santa Barbara Bar
1. Santa Barbara Bar- I enjoyed trying all three flavors of these Santa Barbara Bars. They come in Cranberry White Chocolate, Peanut Chocolate Cherry and Coconut Almond. I loved all three flavors and it is hard to pick a favorite but I have to say, the Coconut Almond was very delicious. These are chewy and taste more like a chewy oatmeal bar but are pretty packed with protein with about 8-9 grams each. They are gluten and GMO free. Each bar has about 190 calories.

Here are the ingredients for the coconut almond flavor: Almonds, brown rice syrup, whey crisps (whey protein concentrate, rice flour), gluten free oats, raisins, pumpkin seeds, coconut, dates, brown rice syrup solids, chicory fiber, honey, chia seeds, cashews, sunflower lecithin, natural flavors, oat flour, sea salt. 

I have been enjoying these at work for a snack very much.

2. Superseedz- I was sent a variety of these gourmet pumpkin seeds to try and loved the different unique flavors. My favorite was the cinnamon and sugar which tastes similar to the nuts you get at carnivals. My husband and I both enjoyed the somewhat spicy flavor which were flavorful but not too hot. I love that these have a toasted flavor which always tastes great with nuts and seeds.

Not only are these tasty but they are quite nutritious as well. One serving has 9 grams of protein, 11% of your daily iron and 13% of your daily zinc. Whether you are craving sweet or salty, both options are available in these Superseedz. I have these in my desk drawer at work for when I get hungry.

Bundle Organic Prenatal Juices
3. Bundle Organic Prenatal Juices- I was recently sent a few prenatal juices to try. These are pasteurized which is important for pregnant women. They come in three different flavors. I was not a fan of the green one with kale, apple, lemon and ginger. I did like the orange one with orange, carrots, strawberry and ginger. These were pretty sweet to me so I enjoyed mixing them with water or sparkling water. This flavor is rich in folic acid, calcium, vitamin D and omega 3 which are all vital nutrients for pregnant women.

Bundle Organic Prenatal Juices
The dark berry and veggies flavor is tasty as well. I like having about a cup of this juice at a time for a treat as I do not drink juice that often. This would make a fun little gift if you know someone who is pregnant (or for yourself!).

The giveaway will be for three boxes of Santa Barbara Bars to one reader and an 8 pack of Superseedz to one reader.
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  1. I would be most excited to try the Cranberry White Chocolate bars. I really like the combination of white chocolate and cranberry and I would bet it is supper yummy in these. I am also very happy to see they are GMO free!!!


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