April 22, 2014

New Tasty Products Review

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Seven Sundays Muesli
1. Seven Sundays Muesli- I was sent some of this delicious muesli to try in different flavors including vanilla cherry pecan, ginger pear macadamia, original toasted and bircher. My favorite is the original toasted muesli because I love the toasted flavor of nuts and it tastes great in this mix. It is packed with real, healthy ingredients including almonds, banana chips, coconut, brazil nuts, currants, honey, flax seeds, oats and more. Measure out a serving though because muesli is nutrient dense (1/2 cup is 240 calories). All of these flavors are tasty and I love them over Greek yogurt, plain or just with some milk.

Enlightened Ice Cream
2. Enlightened Ice Cream- I reviewed Enlightened ice cream in the past and loved it so much. It is extremely creamy, low in sugar, high in protein and fiber and low in calories. When I found out that they came out with a bunch of new flavors, I was so excited. The peanut butter bars are delicious with only 80 calories and 9 grams of protein. I also liked the mint ice cream sandwiches with 7 grams of protein, 2 grams of sugar and only 100 calories!! These desserts are totally guilt free and taste awesome! I love every flavor of Enlightened bars. 

3. Teavivre- I love trying different flavors of tea and Teavivre has some high quality teas available. They come loose leaf and come in many different varieties. These are Chinese teas and come in some common Chinese tea varieties. Some of the ones that caught my eye were the apple awakening tea, strawberry oolong and waterlilies fruit tea. I really enjoyed these teas, especially the decaf varieties in the evening. The fruity teas were very tasty and were different than some other teas I have had in the past.

Make a stand Lemon-aid
4. Make a Stand Lemon-aid- I love lemonade and in the beginning of my pregnancy, I had a huge craving for it. I finally satisfied my craving with this lemonade. It is very tart which I liked and so does my husband. He has been taking one of these to his late night classes every day since he likes them so much. The company has a great cause. Their found is a 10 year old that wanted the 18 million enslaved children of the world to be safe and free. The company started when a girl had a lemonade stand for 173 days straight and raised $100,000 for child slavery. After that was accomplished, she decided to bottle the lemonade to continue to raise money.

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